Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game, finally!

Hey ladies,

I don't know if you guys watch the show "The Game" but some of us ladies have been waiting for it to come back for 2 years now and tonight was the premiere of the new season on a new network (B.E.T). While I am happy that BET choose to pick up The Game, I had my doubts that they would try and put their spin on it. Well, after watching it tonight I can say that my thoughts were true.
  • Girl Melanie and Derwin: when we last left them they were getting married and Janay was in labor with Derwin's baby. Flash forward 2 years and mel. and Derwin have been married and live in a rather nice spread, way better then that apt. they use to have. Dj's (Derwin's son) 2 and super cute but really doesn't look much like Derwin. Melanie not being okay with the birth of Dj from the beginning takes a swab of his DNA and gives it to a MED friend to test. The results come back and Dj isn't Derwin's. Mel. tells Derwin which of course makes him livid. They go a few days without talking and this gives Derwin time to think and I guess look at Dj for himself. While watching Dj for Janay, he decides to ask her, when she comes home after buying the same bag Mel. has only in a different color if Dj is his son. Derwin finally comes back home to Mel. where he can finally bring himself to say, "He isn't my son is he". A few days later, Mel. gets a call from her MED friend telling her that she messed up on the first test and that Dj really is Derwin's son. When asked what the phone call was about, instead of telling Derwin the truth, Mel. lies and says nothing.
  • Kelly and Jason: The last time we saw the Pitts Kelly was punching Tasha from introducing her then husband to his current girlfriend. Well, the Pitts are no more, the divorce is final and they seem to be learning how to live without each other. Kelly with her new reality show and Jason holding out for more money from the team. While she might put on a brave face and say that the divorce was the best thing that ever happen to her, Kelly, when she bumps into Mel. tells her that she needs to talk things out with her husband. Which is one of the things she feels would have helped her and her marriage.
  • Tasha Mack: The last time we saw Tasha she was laid out on the floor from a one punch from Kelly. Well, now Tasha is now managing Derwin into the "Golden Boy" getting him the cover of "Essence". She also has a new man in her life, a younger man, which she sees as a "boy toy". But the young man would like to be more so he asked her to Malik's game release party, however Tasha isn't really looking for a relationship with him and declines. But once there, she sees that she wasn't his first "older women" and becomes insecure. Back at the house however Terrence (that's not his name on the show but I didn't catch it and that's what I know him as) lets Tasha know that his feelings are real and that he wants to make them official and Tasha agrees, she feels something for him as well.
  • Malik Wright: I can't even talk about that ASS. He is an ass for sure, sleeping with the managers wife and really treating TiTi like his slave. I mean really, he's just a mess.

While i'm happy that The Game is back, I feel that BET really needs to bring the writers back. The way they are writing for these characters just isn't like the CW had them. I will keep watching, manly because I love this show.