Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kimmie K. is engaged!

That's right, Kim Kardashian is finally getting married (well she's engaged so that's a start). We really don't know that much about her fiancee (I mean I don't even what he sounds like when he speaks) other then the fact that he plays for the NETS (Jay-Z's team) and is super tall. I have to say, I'm not a Kim fan but I do love her hair and makeup and I know she will turn it out while planning this wedding so I can't wait. Congrats Kim & Kris!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration Monday

So my weekend came fast and hard, so I really need some inspiration to get me thru this week. So I decided to take a page from my new doll xo $ARMIN, I decided to do my own "Inspiration Monday".

♥ this look, I wanna change the shoes (nude BCBG pumps) and the purse (my COACH sling).

Jackie O *style icon* I'm on the hunt for the perfect Jackie O sunglasses and pearl set.

This is my New Years look!

Rihanna's look from the "Who's that Chick" video, the yellow color looks like the same one used in GaGa's "Telephone" video. It's a bright bold look for summer, i'm so down!

Kim's not my favorite Kardashian, i'm more of a Khole girl myself (she tells it like it is) but Kim's makeup is unstoppable. I think most of her eyeshadows can be recreated from the Naked palette (once I get).

Missing Mad Men and I totally miss my Joan. Full bodied woman with all the gossip, that's what I wanna be!

Dear Cameron Diaz, I'm coming to steal that bag! That is all.

Miami, when I find a job that has a Miami branch, this will be what I see everyday.

Now that its summer I usually put tips on my nails (don't ask me why), I really want to get Hello Kitty on my nail. But the only reason I won't, I want it to look THIS good.

Marc Jacobs quilted wallet, this has been my lover for SO long that I should just put my big girl panties on and get it. In pink!

Victoria "Posh" Beckham, this WHORE can do no wrong with me, I'm in ♥ with her. She was MY Spice Girl. I want everything she wears, I want her cute little boys, I really want her husband. I just think she walks on water.
Summer dresses with high to the sky heels, BRING IT!

Love looking at him and listening to his music, he's another reason I wanna move to South full on tab-keeper mode!

When Derek and I split and me and the twins move from the big apple to Wisteria Lane, I wanna be just like Vanessa Williams. How hot is this lady? Ladies, this is 48! I mean REALLY?!?! Shut the SHIT DOWN!

So with the Royal wedding over it got me thinking about my own wedding. I have the dress and the ring idea, all I need is to be asked...hint hint!

Hope this INSPIRES!

My Grey's Coupling!

When are they going to break Christina and Owen up and put Lexie back with Mark so that I can get my dream couple back?They are perfect for each other, their both pig headed and have very strong wills. The last season surgery were all they had to connect with one another were their eyes, made me love this couple even more. Please make them happen!

Just a thought...Happy Monday Funday! ♥