Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast Yummy Five

So, I'm kind of a Fast and Furious addict. I like fast cars and even faster boys! But really what girl doesn't. So like most of the people I know i'm pretty siked about Fast Five. Not just because it's the fifth one but because all our old friends are back and some really tasty new ones as well (i'm looking at you Rock).

Yeah I know there's way to much yummy to just pick one but mine as to be Dom (Vin Diesel), really sad that Letty had to die but *spoiler alert* I think she's back for this one as well. But if I don't get Dom I will totally take Han.

If you're not sure who Han is go and rent Fast and Furious: Tokyo drift and enjoy. I love being in a car that drifts and i've been in love with Han ever since he drifted around the girls in his car. SUPER SEXY! Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend, I plan on doing some shopping so maybe (if i'm not lazy) i'll do a haul.



  1. I can't wait for this movie either!!! I adore Vin but that Paul Walker is yummy!!! hahaha

  2. eye candy all over the big screen! I can't wait!

    Btw it sucks leti had to die. =(