Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why yes Lauren Conrad, I believe I will agree

Happy Hump-spirations day boys and girls, hope all is well with everyone and that you all are having a great week. What a crazy month September is turning out to be right? Earthquakes in the East, well we've always been able to have one and scientist have said that we actually have had a few but they were mild so we didn't even notice but that one that we did notice...Crazy right?! It took me back to that Fresh Prince ep when Will and his date were stuck in the basement because of the earthquake and she started to take off her hair and poppin her fingernails. Seriously, I need to get that series on DVD.

So did everyone Jump online to get their Missoni pieces from Target last night, I did around 10 and well lets just say I came up with nothing. Well not nothing, the little Target dog met me when I got to the site to tell me that the site had crashed so, no browsing for me. Not a total lost because I really didn't want anything crazy, just some tights and a scarf. I'm so glad that the prep look is back, that's my style in a nut shell. Sweaters, Skirts and Tights with really cut boots will be my look for fall.

Well lets get on with the 'spiration shall we! Our Inspiration comes to us from the one and only Lauren Conrad, but her friends call her LC. I have been having a little boy trouble as of late, but I mean really what lady hasn't (boys just aren't being good guys right now) and came across this little nugget that she threw our way I wanna say she said this on the Hills about Jason (JASON, that such and such, never really got them together, guess she wanted a fixer upper).


and as soon as you stop thinking about them, they’ll send you a text message or they’ll call you, ’cause they know you stopped thinking about them! it’s like a radar…

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