Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I found that I needed a little inspiration today on this "hump day" so here is my second attempt

I am such a girlie girl and Lace and Pearls scream "GIRL" to me

Love these nails.

Glee! how i miss you so, I want my crazy glee club BACK.

Starbucks makes everything better right, it think it's all the crack they put in it!

Don't know what these colors are but I think I need them in my life (but isn't that what you say about MAC)

enough said!

Juicy Charms, can't decided which I wanna get

This is my new dream house, I'm in the process of making up the floor plans in my head but this is how I would like the outside to look

And this is Vacation house, I mean really! Loving it

All of my electronics match each other, I have the white MAC and I had to get the White IPhone

HEATHERS, I am in love with this movie. Much like Mean Girls, I live my life this way. I call my friends Heather I quote mean girls whenever the moment arises...which is all the time.

The Notebook is the way I want my love story to be, I mean he built her a house and they weren't even together. I love this movie!

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  1. Lol, I knew you were going to say something about my Jeter comment...Heathers, OMG love that movie. Haven't seen it in forever tho, I need to do something about that. & I am totally coming to your vaction house.

    xo $ARMIN