Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pin Up..."Hump-spiration" style!

Happy Hump-Day ladies! Hope everyone's having a really good day so far. I AM, the Pink NFL collection is finally online. You guys have NO idea how hard it is to watch every Raven's fan in my area buy their collection from me (if you didn't know, I work part-time at Vicky's) and I still didn't have my hands on my 'Boys. But now (thanks to rush order) I should have it by friday.

So today's Hump-spirations were inspired by cheeky Pin Up pictures. I really like the culture and want to learn more. It's right up my ally cause I can be very cheeky when given the chance. Enjoy!

How cute are those shoes I mean really?!?

that's how I fix my car all the time

just doing a little light dusting

I hate when that happens!

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