Monday, August 1, 2011

even when down to the wire baby

Happy Monday dolls, I had a great weekend, how was yours?!? So if you guys are like me then music pretty much runs your life her are a few songs that kind of describe my mood. Hope you like them, what are the songs you guys are bumping?

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Miranda Lambert: Cause i'm mad as hell!
"The Hook Up" Britney Spears: The beat is sick, i'm really into Reggae now adayz
"Boy (I need you)" Mariah Carey: Oh Boy!
"The Moon and the Sky" Sade: if you have to ask, you've never heard the song.
"Rain Over Me" Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony: I always have something with Pitbull in my playlist
"Valio la Pena (salsa Version)" Marc Anthony: after the split I started back listening to my Marc Anthony albums and this has always been my favorite song of his.
"Marvins Room (JoJo mix)" JoJo: In love with everything she says in that song.
"Sure Thing" Miguel: didn't like it when everyone else did, just started liking it. Now I can't stop!

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