Monday, July 25, 2011

Nicki made me do it!

So about a few weeks ago I had some time to kill in the mall before I had to be at work and I found myself in Forever 21 (cause lets face it, that's where you go when you wanna waste time) and I came across this shirt.

I kind of liked it but I wasn't in love with it, so what I usually do with items like that is pick it up and walk around the store with it. If, when I get to the register I find that I can't live without it, I buy it, if not...see ya! So I did, I walked around with it and at the end of my trip decided against that and bought a skirt and necklace instead (cause I need another $8.50 skirt like I need a whole in my head) and headed to work.

So today, works been kind of slow so i've been surfing the net. I came
across "Necole" and she has this thing called "Bitchie or Not" where she puts a picture of a celeb. in an outfit and you get to decided if you like it or not. Well, our girl Nicki M. had on these super cute leggings (you know how she loves wearing leggings over real pants) and the cutes shirt ever! The shirt is from the new Brian Lichtenberg for Forever 21 collection.

So Okay! How cute is that!?! I want it, so I went onto the Forever website and searched high and low for this shirt and couldn't find it anywhere. Well, that's because the collection doesn't come out until the 15th of August. So as everyone knows you can't leave Forever 21 without buying something...the same can be said for the website as well. Here are a few things that ended up in my basket.

its CLUELESS! any girl in their 20's knows every word to this movie and was really sad when Brittany Murphy died "rolling with the homies".

i'm feeling a certian way about love right now. So I really like all these at the moment. PS JoJo's Marvin's Room really hitting the spot right now!

OBSESSED with this ring! Sorry for the wear angles, not really sure why it looks like this.

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  1. Ha, I am watching the Nicki Minaj Special on E! right now, thought I would share that. My laptop hates me, I can't get on, fucking sucks! Thank god for my Blackberry. I want that Clueless tank, love the movie. RIP Britney Murphy! & ha, tell me about, I got Jojo's song on repeat too.

    xo $ARMIN