Monday, July 25, 2011

What do Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin have in common?!?

Well that's a very good question class and the answer is they are the new faces for MAC's 2012 VIVA Glam campagin. I for one am super excited about this, I really love my Pink Friday (even if I did have to work with it for a while) and i'm sure we can count on Nicki to bring us another pink creation. This time I really want a hot pink, I think thats going to carry over into fall for me.

But what i'm really excited for is Ricky Martin's lippie. I see a nice red from the Puerto Rican singer. Or I could totally be wrong. I still kick myself for not really being all that productive when it came to picking up Fergie's VIVA Glam creation. Everytime my friend wears it, I still cry alittle bit on the inside (I know, dramatic). But i'm not gonna let that happen again.

OH, I forgot the best part, guess who's doing the photoshoot.....David LaChapelle the legend! If your not familiar with his work, heres a little something to show you the genuies that with be capturing all this magic.

hehe, this has to be my favorite picture he's done! I mean Kanye being Kanye and well GAGA is just perfection. This was a photo to promote the concert that was suppose to be between the two of them. I'm still kicking myself that this magic didn't happen.

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  1. How did you make Pink Friday work for you? I can't wait to see her new lip color...

    xo $ARMIN