Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Haul!

So guys, this is my first haul on my blog that is because I love to shop. But here are just a few goodies that I have picked up.

A few nail polishes that have been on the tips of my fingers are (all OPI) "Mod-ern Girl" & "Russian Navy: Matte", "A Grape Fit!", "Second Honeymoon" .

M0d-ern Girl is currently on my toes, it's great for the summer (yep i jumped right pass spring :0p).

I haven't had on "Russian Navy" mainly because it's currently spring and it's just a tad too dark. However I do have plans for it when football seasons comes round, COWBOYS!

I love "A Grape Fit!",it's a creamy purple and just the best color purple for my skin tone.

I currently have on "Second Honeymoon" and I have been asked so many times "what are you wearing on ur nails", I also think it's a really good color for brides. I actually thought about sending at picture to the b-fry with the quote "whats missing on my finger lol".

Also I finally dipped my toe in the big pond that is "Coastal Scents" and bought the "Creative Me #1" palette.

These colors are BRIGHT & BOLD and that's something that I'm going to get into this summer. But I really got it cause I really wanna do Beyonce's yellow eyeshadow look from the Gaga "Telephone" video.

Like I said this is my very first haul so I hope you guys really like it. Haul's are always my fav. part of a blog. So more to come!

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